Sharon Osbourne drogeerde Ozzy for confession

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

“He sent an e-mail that was meant for one of those women to me,” says the former X Factor judge. “When I have sleeping pills to get caught, there are two extra in his glass done and everything to him, asked. When everything came out. He had me out of itself, ever told the truth.”

That meant not the end of the marital problems of the two. “Ozzy swore to me that it was over with that other woman. Six months later I found out that it is still going on.”

No trust

Ozzy and Sharon went thereon after 33 years apart. A few months later they were together again. “No one else wants to do something with me,” explains Sharon. “Who would be me, an older woman with a large mouth, with report? Better than this is not and I love him. This is my husband and I want to take care of him, that is what I do.”

Nevertheless, the trust in her husband did not come back. “I trust him for no meter, and I’m worried about. There is nothing so painful as infidelity.”

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