Research against Labour members, because of anti-semitism

The British police carry out an investigation into the possible anti-semitic hate crime within Labour. Following is a dossier of internal documents of the opposition that Scotland Yard got hold of.

The file contains 45 cases of anti-semitism, including comments from party members on social media such as: ‘We will get rid of the Jews, who, like a cancerous growth for us”.

The dossier was passed on to the radio station LBC, leaving it up to the police handed. The topvrouw of Scotland Yard, Cressida Dick, said Friday on the channel BBC that the party itself is not research.

Since years against Labour and the party leader Jeremy Corbyn blamed on anti-semitism expressed. In August, Corbyn in a video that Labour have a problem with anti-semitism. Disciplinary proceedings against anti-semitic party members were too slow and hesitant fed, acknowledged the Labour leader.

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