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Red Dragons kicks tournament at the Palace 12

The Belgian volleymannen open the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2019, that is from 13 to 19 september in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Slovenia, in Palace 12 of Brussels Expo. That has the Belgian volleybond Friday let you know.

The Red Dragons play afterwards a duel in the capital, after which the three remaining group matches in the Antwerp Lotto Arena on the schedule. Palace 12 accommodates close to 10,000 volleybalfans, in the Lotto Arena are 5,000 places available. As the Belgians progressed to the knock-out stages, following a party in the Sportpaleis, good for 13,000 seats. The volleybond hopes a total of 100,000 fans to welcome. “It would be nice if we were Palace 12 already as good as sold out to get,” says Geert De Dobbeleer, director general of Volley, Flanders.

Frank Depestele will be in Belgium as the tournament director act, did the volleybond also. The 41-year-old old hand stops with volleyball, as he announced Friday in The Latest News. Depestele, 22 years profspeler at Roeselare Asse-Lennik and Aalst, revalidation currently a torn patellar tendon, but will see a new comeback. He would volleycoach want to be.

The toernooiloting on January 16 place in the Atomium. The Red Dragons as the host country is automatically placed for the final round.

The european CHAMPIONSHIP for the women is next year in Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Turkey on the agenda. The Yellow Tigers have their qualification for the final battle already in the bag.

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