Rammstein is playing in June in The Cockpit


It is also the first time that the entire European tour of 27 concerts, consisting of shows in stadiums. In 2016, it was Rammstein at Pinkpop.

Rammstein is known for songs such as Du Hast, Ich Will and Sonne. The Germans make a mix of hard guitar music with tight drumming and techno-melodies from synthesizers, making you just as hard on the music, headbanging as dancing. The shows of Rammstein are always a visual spectacle: from chainsaws to flamethrowers and voorbijvliegende musicians to wild squirting strapons, it can just float by.

Guitarist Paul Landers stated in an interview to know that for the new album, the band is no longer everything individually recorded, but that everyone at the same time, the recording studio was. The band has shared a photo of pictures with a choir and an orchestra in the belarusian Minsk. The successor of the in 2009 released album Liebe Ist Für alle Da, is scheduled for the spring of 2019.

The sale starts Thursday.

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