Putin receives Cuban president during the first visit to Russia

Vladimir Putin Friday, the Cuban president, Miguel Díaz-Canel received at the Kremlin. It is the first visit of his Russian ally since taking office in april.

The visit comes at a time when Washington with new sanctions against Havana is imminent. “The relations between Russia and Cuba, ( … ), had from the outset a particular character, a strategic character,” said Putin at the receipt of Díaz-Canel. “We are connected by friendship and mutual aid”, stressed the Russian president.

Russia will ‘do everything possible’ to the Russian-Cuban relations to strengthen, the spokesman of the Kremlin, Dmitri Peskov, Thursday already insured.

The Soviet Union was for many years a military and economic ally of Cuba facing the United States. The fall of the Soviet Union struck up a fraction, but that seek Moscow and Havana now to close with a more pronounced approach.

‘Troika of tyranny,’

When Díaz-Canel, in april, Raúl Castro succeeded, said Putin that he was willing ‘to work closely to the strategic partnership to further strengthen and more constructive cooperation in all domains’.

Díaz-Canel arrived Thursday evening in Moscow for a visit of three days. Washington gave this week to know that the sanctions against Havana would harden. The accused Cuba, together with Venezuela and Nicaragua as part of a ‘troika of tyranny’.

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