Private messages to Facebook users online

SAINT-PETERSBURG – Hackers have the private messages to tens of thousands of Facebook users in his hands. That are on underground marketplaces published. The hackers use the chats as “advertising” because they have access to the accounts want to resell it.

The BBC says the hackers have spoken. They claim 120 million accounts, is in your hands. Possible to have the perpetrators of malicious browser extensions. People who unsuspectingly such a program installed, would the creators have access to their privéchats have given. According to the BBC, the largest number of victims from Russia and Ukraine. Also British, American and Brazilian users would be affected.

The BBC has also struck five Facebook users spoken. That confirm the chats really are. One of them shared vacation photos, someone else talked about a concert of Depeche Mode, and a third person complained about a son-in-law. Also there were intimate conversations of a couple in between.

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