President Macron takes four days on vacation, but denies rumors of burn-out

The French president Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte were in the Norman village of Honfleur spotted for a four-day holiday. The president is pushing rumors about a possible burn-out in the head.

‘Everything is going well with me, ” said a smiling Macron to the assembled press in Honfleur. “I just like a healthy balance between work and private life, such as all citizens. I am already more than twenty years to Honfleur, and that will not change.’ The Elysée clarified that Macron are holiday completely self-pay.

The president is going to be a busy week, starting from Sunday, he travels across France to the First world War to commemorate. “He has no burn-out, but saves his strength for the coming week,’ is heard in the government. Friday he will receive the British prime minister Theresa May in the northern village of Albert, to the British soldiers to honor those who died during the Battle of the Somme.

The French president has no easy summer her. His popularity continues to decline. In september, he obtained the lowest score ever, and he had a number of ministers replaced that viewed loved. In addition, he had to deal with schandaaltjes and unfortunate statements.

In the first year after his election visited Macron 27 countries and he was 68 days abroad. That are ten days longer than his predecessor, Hollande and 14 more than Sarkozy.

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