Pakistan again paralyzed by protests against release christian woman

The public life was Friday for the third day in a row still in Pakistan. Islamist groups protesting against the decision of a supreme court to a christian woman is free to show that to the death penalty, was sentenced to death for blasphemy.

Schools, offices and shops were closed and there was little traffic on the roads in Pakistan. Demonstrators blocked roads and railways in large cities. Attempts of the government to the state ” in negotiations with the leaders of TLP (Tehreek-Labbaik Pakistan), the islamist group responsible for the protests, did nothing in the night from Thursday to Friday. Three of the four roads of the capital city of Islamabad by TLP checked and activists were blocking the access for vehicles. They lit cars on fire and looted shops.

The protestbetogingen vomiting Wednesday, after a court of appeal with three judges, the release was ordered of Asia Bibi, a christian woman since 2010 in the row inmate. Officially it is not informed where Bibi is now located, but according to local media she may have fled abroad because of its safety.

TLP-leader Khadim Rizvi confirmed Friday that the discussions with the government demolished were. To supporters in the city of Lahore, he said that the protests will be continued until the judges that the sentence of death terugdraaiden, ‘be dismissed and Bibi suspended’.

Bibi was sentenced to death for blasphemy in an argument with the women while they worked on a farm.

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