No offences to suicide, war criminal

There are no criminal offences identified in the suicide of Slobodan Praljak. The Croatian ex-general (72) died in november last year after he drink had taken in the courtroom of the Icty.

Praljak did this after the judges had sentenced to twenty years in prison. He then became unwell and died a little over two hours later in a hospital in The Hague.

The investigation of the Public Ministry proves that Praljak in his suicide no help from others had received. To examine this, tried to figure out how the bottle of poison in the courtroom. There are, however, no indications were found that make it clear how and when the poison has been obtained.

Farewell letter

It concludes on the basis of witness testimony that Praljak longer to suicide thought. After his death, was a farewell letter, in which Praljak to his family wrote that he is already long time ago had decided to take his life to end, if he is guilty would be declared.

In the drink of Praljak was a lethal dose of potassium cyanide, dissolved in water. It is according to the to not conclude that Praljak the gif already (very) long time in his possession. Potassium cyanide may be in dry form, be retained and a small amount is deadly. In that light, it is not surprising that the introduction or retention of the substance is not noted, the TO.

To find out how the vial in the courtroom has come under more camera views, several witnesses heard and the areas searched where Praljak stayed.

On camera images of the prison, observed no irregularities. He is short in two areas without cameras: the toilet and the ophoudkamer, a kind of waiting room. Here is nothing relevants found, according to the ORDER.

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