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Nina Derwael wants to be on next WK with more difficult jump to do better

Nina Derwael was satisfied with her fourth place in the allroundfinale in Doha, but on the next world CHAMPIONSHIP, she aims to do even better. “With a more difficult jump that should certainly succeed,” said the 18-year-old Limburg for the camera of Sporza.

“In the top eight, I am the only one that such a simple jump to do. This is where we need to work, I want to be that next step. Here I had not can do better, I’ve given everything I had. It is a bit of a pity that the than just a medal yields, but it is quite an honor to be behind those three topgymnasten. I should be super happy. I had in the semi-finals, nothing to lose, and am happy with the place I have.”

Friday is Derwael the topfavoriete on the bridge with uneven shelves. On that unit crowning them already two times European champion. “This achievement gave me confidence for the brugfinale. Today I have my exercise can do and it is very well done. With gold, I am not yet engaged. The most important thing is that exercise is good to get through and then hopefully with a good result.”

“Nina can nothing blame,” said her coach, the Frenchwoman Marjorie Heuls. “We were very close to a medal and then you stop and think about where they are, wherever they are tithing, but we remember the positive. Nina is the best of the best gymnasts of the world. This performance is no exception. We will have a different work out. It is true that they are on the jump most of the groeimarge, but we do need intelligent approaches. She needs her body to slowly develop. We go there our time for take. We also remain on the bridge to focus, because that remains her strongest point.” (belga)

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