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Microsoft is cooperating with Nasdaq: Blockchain links

Microsoft is cooperating with Nasdaq. With the help of the Microsoft Azure Blockchain, the financial technology Nasdaq Financial Framework to enable better access for customers. The two Tech giants connect with the Blockchain of different technologies.

Two giants of the financial and technology industry together. The stock exchange company Nasdaq to get help from Bill Gates’ Technology giant Microsoft. The solution approach combines the Microsoft Blockchain Azure with the Financial Framework of Nasdaq.

The Nasdaq Financial Framework is for 2016 and is intended to form a framework the network, in order to cover a wide range of financial technologies. To ensure the compatibility of different applications and software solutions to serve the Blockchain solution from Microsoft as a binding Element. To Magnus Haglind, product Manager at Nasdaq explained in the press release:

“Our [capital market] industry is evolving faster than ever with the advent and development of Cloud, Blockchain, machine intelligence, and others. The major players in the industry are looking to these technologies to explore how you can become more effective and efficient, but also competitive advantages.“

Platform Connecting Blockchain Solution

The solution the two industry giants aim, therefore, is a cross-platform Blockchain System. This is supposed to be in theory, with all of the applications from the financial sector compatible. This includes Shipping, payment, as well as the General settlement of transactions on various technologies include:

“Because of the multiple block chains from various industry participants, we believe that the combination of NFF and Microsoft’s Blockchain technology can some of the existing project complexities to be eliminated. As more and more industries move in the direction of the capital market, technology and structures, we see the potential that Blockchain provides a value for a safe, smooth and instant Matching of buyers and sellers“,

Tom Fay, Vice-President for enterprise architecture at Nasdaq emphasized.

The merger of the two tech giants shows: The Blockchain technology is an indispensable part of the (technical) world. Their ability to organize on a decentralised Basis applications, was able to convince, ultimately, even Microsoft, and Nasdaq. With their cross-platform solution, you offer an example of how the Blockchain technology (can overcome technical limits).

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