Mick Harren: ’He was a sort of escaped Were in front of me’

Mick Harren

“I really know that it was not good, but I am still of the opinion that I had not been, if I would not had responded. It was wrong, but it has saved my life,” says Harren, who must answer for their threat and illegal possession of firearms.

“He said: I have you kill, with your arrogant head”

According to the singer, he ran the 24-year-old son of his ex-wife bump into a café in his hometown. The confrontation he called “terrifying.” “That boy was like a kind of escaped Were in front of me and said, “I need you kill, with your arrogant head’. I saw his eyes, I was terrified.”

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’Mick Harren and daughter from home’

According to Harren himself, he makes lamps in the shape of nepwapens and he had that day and a copy taken to his daughter to show.

The prosecutor formulates later Friday afternoon, the strafeis against the singer.

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