Manchester United presents research in to ’armed’ fans

Stewards remove the veldbetreder from Old Trafford stadium

The man had two toy guns. This he took to the field, but were later in his backpack found. This stadium has managed to smuggle makes the club ensure. “Because the safety of fans and employees of the absolute priority at Manchester United, the club has a examine started”, reports a spokesman of United told the BBC. “This includes a full reassessment of the security protocols. We have been in contact with expert consultants from the outside.”

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“The bringing of a plastic speelgoedpistool to a stadium is completely irrational,” says United. “Fortunately, this action has any harm done.”

The offender was a lovely selfie to his action

Also the UEFA investigates the incident. Manchester United can probably have a fine face. The verdict is out on november 22nd.

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