Malnourished Yemeni girl (7) does not

In Yemen threaten 17 million people are malnourished, to get. Among them was the seven-year-old Amal Hussein. The picture of her emaciated body went around the world and drew attention to the conflict, but for her, could not help more income. She died last week in a refugee camp.

“My heart is broken,” said the mother of Amal, Mariam Ali, during a telephone conversation with the New York Times. ‘Amal, always had a smile on her face. Now I fear for my other children.”

The war in Yemen took the lives of at least 10,000 people. If the international community does not wake up soon, shoot, threaten 17 million people die from the consequences of malnutrition, of whom 1.8 million children. In the country all four years, a conflict fought between a coalition led by Saudi Arabia and Houthi rebels, supported by Iran. The population is almost completely become dependent on food aid. Eight million Yemenis do not know when their next meal will come.

Mike Pompeo, the American minister of Foreign Affairs, has called for the end of hostilities in Yemen. The Us Defence secretary Jim Mattis, in turn, the start of peace negotiations.

Noodhulpcoördinator of the United Nations Mark Lowcocke asked the international community for more money for humanitarian aid. The belgian minister for development Cooperation Alexander De Croo (Open VLD) responded to that call and made 5.5 million euros.

The resources go to the UN-kinderrechtenfonds Unicef and the refugee fund, UNHCR. In total, Belgium has since the beginning of the civil war, now almost four years ago, more than 25 million euros in humanitarian aid allocated for Yemen.

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