Katja Schuurman is commemorating Theo van Gogh

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Theo van Gogh

“Dear Theo, I think of you,” she writes on Twitter followed by a heart and a link to her Instagramaccount. There she places the same text, with a picture of her and Theo van Gogh. She gets a lot of sympathetic responses; a few shows incomprehension, but that is quickly of reply served.

Also, many other Twitter users are silent on the death of Theo van Gogh. The filmmaker was on 2 november 2004 by Mohammed B. shot on the Linnaeusstraat in Amsterdam East. Also, he cut his throat. Because in his breast a letter to Ayaan Hirsi Ali was pinned, was quickly linked to the film Submission, which he in cooperation with her and which Koran on the bodies were projected.

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