Japan is stricter alcoholregels enter after arrest pilot in London

The Japanese ministry of Transport is going to introduce stricter rules for pilots to drink alcohol, after the arrest of a drunk pilot of Japan Airlines, the British airport of Heathrow. This is reported by the news agency Kyodo on Friday.

The 42-year-old co-pilot was Sunday noticed by the driver of the van that the Japanese crew to the airport in London was brought. The driver called the police, that the Japanese to an alcohol test submitted. The alcoholwaarde in his blood turned out to be over ten times higher than permitted under the British luchtvaartregels.

The pilot eventually gave in that he is in six hours, two bottles of wine and five cans of beer, had worked. His flight to Haneda airport in Tokyo (which in the end only two pilots instead of the usual three was running) ran for more than an hour delay. Japan Airlines has a press conference apology offered.

Thursday appeared to be the co-pilot for the first time in court, where he is guilty pleaded. He is now in pre-trial detention and kent on 29 november, a punishment.

Not first incident

The incident comes while All Nippon Airways – the largest Japanese airline – Wednesday had already been excused after five flights on the island of Okinawa last week had been delayed because a pilot is unwell. The evening before, had the aviator to deep into the glass looked.

The Japanese ministry of Transport reports now action to take. “We will use all possible ways to ensure the safety during flights to assure’, says the. The ministry will rely on the regulations in other countries to their own laws to tighten up.

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