Indonesia seeks further to the second black box

JAKARTA – Indonesian divers on Friday again went looking for the second black box of the crashed passenger plane of Lion Air. The authorities have a signal collected from that device, but the search is hampered by the strong currents.

The nearly new Boeing 737 MAX 8 of Lion Air crashed Monday shortly after take-off down in the java sea. The cause of the crash is still a mystery. Zoekteams have been one of the two black boxes of the aircraft salvaged. The reading of this flightdatarecorder has yet to begin, because the device has sustained damage.

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“We have the information still not be able to download because some parts of the black box broken”, says a concerned official against news agency Reuters. He suggests that the researchers wait on the advice of Boeing, or the American national vervoersveiligheidsraad (NTSB).

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