George Harrison wrote the last letter to ’Austin Powers’ Mike Myers

George Harrison, Mike Myers

The actor was present during The Late Show with talkshowhost Stephen Colbert to talk about the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, in which Myers – ironically enough, Wayne’s World headbangend the heat on the eponymous song – plays the role of EMI-boss, who is against the plan to Bohemian Rhapsody as a single.

A little later in the conversation tells the Canadian, who as the son of a father and a mother from Liverpool grew up with the music of The Beatles, about his fascination for George Harrison. While he was busy with the film Austin Powers 3, received Myers a letter by the Beatle, which is ultimately the latter would be that the musician has ever written.

Dr. Evil-pop

In the letter, would the musician have said that he the whole of Europe has been searched, looking for a mini pop of Myers, but that he still no had found. “It now depends in a list on the wall, a bit similar to the American constitution,” says the actor, laughing.

Not much later, Myers found out that Harrison, that his voice was krijtgeraakt by his illness, a Dr. Evil-doll – a character from Austin Powers – used during meetings to communicate. “George then drew the string, to which the pop said, “Why am I surrounded by frickin’ idiots!’

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