Football Leaks brings FIFA-boss in the closely

Gianni Infantino

Since 2009, there are Financial Fairplay rules designed to prevent superrijke owners of their club volpompen with money. Infantino was the mastermind behind those rules when he was at the UEFA worked as a secretary-general.

In violation of the rules can teams be excluded from European tournaments. At PSG and City, who all of the two multi-billionaire owners from the Middle East, it never came so far. Thanks to Infantino who is in secret talks with the leadership of both clubs. The current FIFA boss would be confidential details from the financial investigations have told.

In 2016, it was Infantino was appointed as the chairman of the wereldvoetbalbond FIFA. Upon assuming office, he said that he end the financial disparity between the clubs. The Swiss-Italian, who the left Sepp Blatter succeeded after the huge corruption scandal at FIFA, presented himself as the man who is honesty and transparency are pursuing and the wereldvoetbalbond to better times would lead.

In thousands of documents and correspondence shows the opposite. Infantino, one of the founders of fair rules on financial area in 2013, ensured that clubs were not excluded from the Champions League. That is one of the penalties which would follow in case of violations of the FFP.

Infantino would in secret meetings with the Qatari bosses of PSG and the owners of the City, came from the United Arab Emirates. The FIFA president gave the two clubs insight in their dossiers, and proposed settlements to refer the matter to disappear.

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