First NFL cheerleader falls during American national anthem

A cheerleader of the San Francisco 49ers kneeled down when the American national anthem played just before the football game against the Oakland Raiders. It is the first time that a cheerleader of the National Football League to bow down as a protest against racism and police brutality against black Americans.

The identity of the woman is not known, but the fact came to light through a tweet. This, it is clear to see that a woman on one knee is for the contest. Kneel down during the national anthem is a sign of protest become against racial inequality and police brutality. It is also a statement of support for the Black Lives Matter movement. The woman is the first NFL cheerleader who is kneeling, but in 2017 five cheerleaders from the university of Kennesaw State by the knee.

NFL player Colin Kaepernick in 2016, the first to kneel, and the consequences for his career were not. No club offered him a contract. He was in september, however, the face of sports brand Nike. Other players who refused to stand during the volklied were this season, punished. A club since may may be penalised if their players kneel down.

The San Francisco 49ers have not yet responded to the action of the cheerleader.

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