First, Kepler, now Dawn: old people blow the last breath

HOUSTON – Just after the space telescope Kepler, and lose the United States a second explorer. The spacecraft Dawn is without fuel and doesn’t work any more.

The Dawn was launched in 2007. He examined the large rocks Vesta and Ceres. Which are between Mars and Jupiter, and orbit around the sun. The research had scientists learn more about the origins of our solar system. Unlike the earth, the rocks never become real planets.

Since 2015 is running the probe around Ceres. That rock has as possible ingredients for the emergence of life. That should not be polluted and therefore space agency NASA to be very careful. The flight guidance allows the probe is not to crash on the rock, but let him at least twenty and possibly fifty years surrounding the turn.

Chance at the end of the Opportunity

Earlier this week, the NASA end of the space telescope Kepler, and is known. Also there is the fuel. The Kepler has since the beginning of the mission in march 2009 about 2600 planets discovered outside our solar system.

There is still a third American mission to walk. The Opportunity, a trolley that fourteen years on Mars, driving, all the times nothing more. Since a months-long dust storm is still standing. Perhaps the car has been damaged beyond repair or the battery is empty.

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