First execution in the electric chair in the USA

In the American state of Tennessee on Thursday a man executed in the electric chair. It is the first time in five years that the US has a prisoner killing through the controversial executiemethode.

Edmund Zagorski (63) in 1983 and convicted of planning a fake drug deal in which he two people left and then to the life brought. Zagorski spoke with John Dotson and Jimmy Porter, but fired several shots and cut them, then the throat. The two were bleeding eventually death.

After more than 30 years on death row was Thursday, the last day of Zagorski arrived. Earlier it was the execution already scheduled on 11 October, but he received a ten-day reprieve from the governor. Eventually, as the new date of 1 november pricked.

Zagorski is from Tennessee, where anyone who was condemned for the January 1, 1999 may choose between electrocution and lethal injection. The man chose the first option. Had previously Zagorski, together with 32 other prisoners, a lawsuit started because they claimed that the lethal cocktail for a lethal injection is administered, the condemned unnecessarily does suffer. He considered the electric chair, how horrible it may be, as the ‘least bad option’.

In the getuigenkamer was Thursday no family of Zagorski present. Two family members of the victims were show to be the execution to attend, just as some journalists and his lawyer. They saw how Zagorski strapped sat on the chair, while behind him, a sponge in a saline solution, was soaked. A guard placed the sponge then on his newly-shaved head, under the chapter of the electric chair.

On the question of whether Zagorski something had to say, replied the man, ‘let’s rock’.

Then was his face covered and pulled out a gevangenismedewerker the switch over. To 20u26 explained to the supervisory doctor Zagorski death. It is the second time since 1960 that Tennessee is the death penalty with the electric chair apply.

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