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“Ferrari is allowed after titelverlies in F1 don’t panic”

According to Ross Brawn, the sports director of the Formula 1, Ferrari after new titelverlies in the Formula 1 don’t panic.

2018 was the year in which Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel world champion would be. Ferrari started well to the season and to the summer break, there was that Ferrari and Vettel actually for the title were to fight.

After the summer break was, however, wrong. Some of the updates of Ferrari performed not as expected and the team was also very moved by the sudden death of Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne. Mercedes was again in the upper hand and Vettel and Ferrari came under increasing pressure, which again resulted in different errors.

However, should Ferrari under Ross Brawn, who once worked at the Italian renstal, don’t panic.

“Ferrari and Vettel must now start again,” said Brawn, as opposed to ‘Speed Week’. “It’s only by understanding where it went wrong. They must be, then, that areas improve and don’t panic.”

According to Brawn one should also not forget how much progress Ferrari over the past two seasons has made and how big the backlog was that it has caught up compared to Mercedes.

“In just two seasons, Ferrari ensured that they will again compete for the title,” said Brawn. “That is something that you are in the beginning of the hybrid era is difficult to imagine, especially given the advantage that Mercedes had in terms of pure power.”

“Now Ferrari ahead without the baby with the bathwater to throw away,” concluded the sporting director of the Formula 1.

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