Fenerbahçe with Koeman flush against Galatasaray

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Erwin Koeman tries to get his team to send.

The ailing Turkish club seemed to be in the derby of Istanbul no chance against Galatasaray, but showed resilience. The team of imterim coach, Erwin Koeman and his assistant Chris van der Weerden, stronger back from a 2-0 deficit: 2-2.

Ryan Donk has the score open.

Ryan Donk has shared the first tap out on behalf of Galatasatay. The Dutch defender opened after more than a half hour soccer score for Galatasaray. In the 49th minute made Martin Linnes the second goal of the home team.

Mathieu Valbuena brought the hope back to the team of Erwin Koeman. The Frenchman took advantage in the 66th minute on a penalty kick. Jailson brought Fenerbahçe five minutes later alongside.

Fenerbahçe is bad for

The tie should be The front-runner Istanbul Basaksehir still always a step behind. Fenerbahçe is for the time being not beyond the fifteenth place. Of the three teams under Fenerbahçe has only number last Erzurum BB as much verliespunten as the ailing superpower.

In the stadium of the champion had Koeman a very different team composed in the time of Cocu. Aanvallender set and with the little French midfielder Valbuena in the field. Cocu made hardly any use of Valbuena and found him not fit.

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