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Father Deschacht want to Lokeren buy, control should his son Olivier to do (but still know nothing about it)

Ronny Deschacht (65) wants to Lokeren buy, along with a few other entrepreneurs. But only if the club in first class. And not to self-control, that must son Olivier (37). All know that to own say still nothing.

As you already know, red lantern Lokeren to purchase. And there is hurry. “The intention is to complete the acquisition during this season to settle’, let the club know. Within the next few months, chairman Roger Lambrecht (87) pass the torch on. ‘Preferably to the Belgians’, he emphasizes.

However, there is a group of Belgians ready. The main figures in it are Glenn Janssens of Trafiroad, Denis Geers Drukkerij Geers-Meskens, Hendrik De Clercq of real Estate, De Clercq, and also Ronny Deschacht of DS Plastics. That first we know as the Emperor of the Signpost, as the 65-year-old father of Olivier Deschacht.

No 20 million

‘Glenn, Denis and Henry are three friends with a heart for the club and also three young business people using the football even more want to present, ” says father Deschacht. “Together with them I would Lokeren want to take over. I myself have no ambition for the club to go driving. President is more something for Glenn. No, I would be for Olivier. To him a job to help his career. He would, at Lokeren, technical director or manager can be. We have about chatting, he sees something.’

There are, however, terms and conditions. ‘Lokeren should be in first class stay. Otherwise, we start there. It should also remain affordable. We put a 20 million euro on the table. I am curious to know the price that KPMG (the tax research department, ed.) there will soon be dispersing in paste. In addition, there will be more candidates.”

But like Deschacht and co, that their plans still continue to work on and around the table with Lambrecht, wait probably every interested party in the regular competition. A first – or resembled inherit is a world of difference. Lokeren picked up yesterday is a very encouraging point at Anderlecht, thanks to son Deschacht, but now it only last.

‘I fall completely out of the air’

On Studio Brussels responded Olivier Deschacht, however, surprised: ‘I fall completely out of the air about what my father has said about the purchase of the club. I will have to call…’

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