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Exceptional for Flemish film: ‘Girl’ scores in also in Brussels and Wallonia

Girl, the film debut of Lukas Dhont, pulled out after two weeks in Belgian cinemas are the 100,000 th visitor.

The film reaches a very wide audience. Remarkable about the figures is that the film both in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia scores. That’s exceptional for a Flemish film.

In France, took out the film for more than a quarter of a million visitors since its release there on 10 October. In the Netherlands runs Girl since yesterday in the halls, on 16 January in the American cinemas launched.

Girl is the Belgian entry for the Oscar for the best non-English film. The film is about a girl that ballerina wants to be, but it is her man’s body off to dance. It is a film that is vulnerable to dare to prepare and that also asks of the viewer. The main role is played by the 16-year-old Victor Pad.

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