El Khayati may not be beautiful to score

The gem of Abdenasser El Khayati (l.) it is not enough for ADO Den Haag against Feyenoord (5-1).

His icicle bottom bar, that El Khayati his team the lead put in The Cockpit, was a gem. “I have said that I am too ugly goals should add to the nice, because then you make more in a year. But until now, it is indeed mostly beautiful goals”, approved El Khayati, laughing. “This is a goal that I often see. Of course, you can enjoy such a beautiful goal. I in any case show nice tweebenig, I shot him with the left. But ultimately you are not happy after such a result.”

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El Khayati has played against Feyenoord as a roaming striker, a new role for him. “It went well. I had a little in-between walk, as a false striker play. It is not that I very often on the ball. It was a little unfair to review this against a Feyenoord that sixty, seventy percent had possession. Maybe we can make this also a try against a more equal opponent,” said the doelpuntenmachine of ADO Den Haag, who, after peace between them. “I had a bit of trouble with my hamstring. It was not too bad, but still, it was better to take the precaution of going out in the second half.”

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