Dutch wolves may be shot

Like a wolf in the Netherlands, people at risk, he may be shot. That is in a wolvenplan by the Dutch provinces is made.

If a wolf just any people or stray dogs would attack, he may be killed with an injection or a gun. That find the Dutch provinces, which together form a wolvenplan have been drawn up in december, which will be decided.

Like Belgium, the Netherlands, more and more wolves. The animals are all at different places having regard to, inter alia, on a Groningen-based industrial park in 2015. In the Veluwe, a large nature reserve in the centre of the country, it would be a she-wolf have established, such as the she-wolf Naya did on the Hilly military domain of Beverlo in Belgium.

Wolves eat mainly wild, but were this year in the Netherlands is already responsible for the death of 150 sheep. Stray dogs and foxes would annually thousands of sheep get injured. The Dutch provinces are planning to bring the wolves damage sure yet until 2022 to pay for it. Schapenboeren that time want to protect, there can be public support for them.

Flanders also has a wolvenplan, in september, was presented by the minister of Environment, Joke Schauvliege (CD&V). That plan was criticized by environmental organizations such as WWF and Natuurpunt, because it is too vague, more about what needs to happen when something really does go wrong: “What if there are animals popping up their fear of man is lost and a problem for the public safety?’ In the Netherlands there is now an answer.

In the Netherlands and Belgium since the return of the wolf no incidents of wolves and people at risk. However, there are already wolves also killed by people. In Denmark, like the Netherlands and Belgium is one of the last European countries where the wolf after a long absence to re-appear, was in april a female wolf shot and killed. A 66-year-old man was arrested. On film is to see that the animal no one in danger.

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