Danny Froger has bruised ribs after boxing

Danny had during the boxing match a little. “I had expected that he have a lot on. But I had a total black-out. During training, boxing and I, with boys who might still be harder to beat. Then I take a step back and continue with boxing. Here I did nothing of that.”

Danny’s parents Rene and Natasja Froger are glad that Danny is still intact. “I’m glad it’s over. You have done it and you are good to five pounds. And your nose is still whole, but now you’re home”, said Natasha after the end of the contest.

The new RTL 5 program Boxing Stars drew Wednesday relatively few viewers. The first episode looked 273.000 people. In the second episode next week boxing Michael Boogerd and Thomas Cox against each other, just as Juvat Westendorp and Rick Brandsteder. In the women is the bell sound for Michella Cox and Amanda seguro report.

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