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CHFt vs Crypto Franc vs dCHF by the first Swiss Stable Coin

Two new crypto-currencies, which reflect the Swiss franc on the Blockchain: CHFt and the Crypto Franc. Although both companies claim the first Stable Coin for the Swiss franc. Quite correct however, this is not.

All shillen your stablecoins

Who invented it? In the last two days, two companies from Switzerland claimed to have the Swiss franc as the first digitized. With the CHFt and the Crypto Franc, there are now two new stablecoins from Switzerland. It is said in the press release of the Swiss Crypto token:

“Swiss Crypto token AG to bring Swiss francs to the Blockchain […]. The Swiss Crypto token AG announced today, that on 1. November 2018, ten million units of their Crypto Franc Bond is to spend the first money-market instrument on a Swiss franc Basis for the Ethereum Blockchain.“

The entire mission of the stablecoins XCHF amounts to tens of millions of units with a minimum of 50,000 CHF.

Also SMART VALOR wants to publish the first digital Swiss francs

A day earlier, SMART VALOR announced in a press release:

“SMART VALOR, the world’s first fully compliant marketplace for tokenized alternative assets and security brands, announced today that it has launched the project to become the first platform for digital assets, which allows for a Stable Coin for the Swiss franc through partnerships with banks and E-money institutions.”

However, this message does not correspond to the truth. The CHFt of SMART VALOR is not the first Stable Coin for CHF.

Scenic Swiss coast GmbH was previously tuned

Because, as it turns out, is true neither of the two statements. Because, according to a statement, the BTC-ECHO have been sent there since March 2018, a Stable Coin, which tracks the Swiss franc. Here it was the SMEs Scenic Swiss coast GmbH in Bern, which was the beginning of the year for a Swiss franc Coin (dCHF). Here you could use the Stable Coin, among other things, to pay for cinema tickets:

“For the private digital Swiss francs, there are currently two ways to use. They are for cinema tickets at the International Innovation Film Festival IIFF accepted, the of 14. up to the age of 18. February 2019 to take place in Bern. The private digital Swiss francs, on the other hand, accepted also by the Scenic Swiss coast GmbH itself as a means of payment for its own services,“

it is in the third press release in the bunch.

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