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Bitcoin-adaptation: What can we learn Germany from Austria

In spite of all the similarities between Germany and Austria, the Bitcoin Ecosystem a few differences. While in Germany, the crypto-adaptation of a technology is driven, the impression is that in Austria less about the technology as the practical application of Bitcoin.

If crypto news to come out of Austria, then it is often the acceptance of crypto-currencies or related services such as Bitcoin vending machines or Wallet solutions. It is different in Germany. Here is the technology, although technologically demanding Blockchain projects home. With regard to the acceptance, Germany to settle more towards the bottom of places in Europe.

If state-owned enterprises Bitcoin services

If you enter a post office, then will certainly of the impression that it is a digital-oriented and innovative company – whether in Germany or Austria. Nevertheless, it can be purchased at any Post office in Austria Bitcoin & co. In cooperation with bitpanda Post, can acquire customers ‘ crypto-gift vouchers in various denominations and on your Wallet load.

A similar service, the Image is at least as dusty and stuffy offers Austrian state printing house. Thus, the service provider Coinfinity cooperates with the state Institution, to Card Wallets. But also, when it comes to direct Pay with crypto-currencies, it seems Germany and Austria lag behind. The Austrian energy accepted provider switch, is a subsidiary of the energieallianz Austria, Bitcoin as a means of payment.

The special feature of these examples is that it is hip Start-ups, but to established institutions. Such examples in Germany in vain. A pity, because large companies and institutions could ensure that crypto back currencies stronger in the middle of the society, and her dirty-lose Image. If a Post or state interference with a printing company with Bitcoin, lose with a conservative and risk-averse individuals to overcome their reservations about crypto-currencies.

Brake Regulation

The reason for the lower level of Bitcoin acceptance in Germany is certainly a result not only of the mentality. Many companies and stakeholders working in Germany intensively on cryptographic services and a higher acceptance of crypto-currencies. As a key stumbling block here is to identify the regulatory, the power of adaptation is comparatively heavier than in the neighbouring country of Austria. So, it is still hardly possible to find a Bitcoin vending machines. While in Austria many of the Bitcoin ATM, is similar to the establishment in Germany of a regulatory Herculean task. According to the BaFin, does not manage to make clear statements, or to establish a crypto-friendly environment. Differently in Austria, where the financial market Supervisory authority occupies a tend to be less restrictive attitude towards the crypto-Economy.

Bitcoin adoption: A step in front of the other

The presented Austrian Use Cases may not be from a technical point of view, very demanding, nevertheless, you don’t ensure that the Blockchain technology is only available in the digital-savvy Start-up scene a subject. The most original Blockchain Use Case the technology is supported now also in wide parts of the society. Finally, the Pay and Trade with crypto currencies the best way to make the Blockchain to life and inspire people for the crypto-Economy.

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