Art Rooijakkers: Requested, not yet said yes

“I am, RTL asked when I moved to different programs to present and create. Then they also asked if I was Expedition Robinson would like to do,” says Art. “I have from the beginning said: I have seven years Who is the Mole?, the crown jewel of the Dutch television, presented. So to directly a similar realityprogramma on a other station to be present, not necessarily for me.”

“If this was so, I was at the NPO remained and I still had years to go with Who is the Mole?”, went to Art further. RTL asked him then to still have to think about it. “Now Dennis and asks everyone to me or I’m going to do, but to be quite honest, I have no idea. This stuff does not work really motivating, I can tell you.” Art says to bales that it now seems like he has the job of Dennis has claimed. “That really is certainly not true, on the contrary, I would say.”

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Not voluntarily

Dennis’ manager Edwin Janssen calls it Thursday afternoon in the Coen and Sander show ’bullshit’ that Art Rooijakkers interviews says that he the program does not want to take it away. “He plays the beautiful story.” Also Dennis, who “has understood that Art is going to do,” had rather seen that Art the communication is otherwise addressed. “It comes to the noise. If Art had come, and had said: “I get Robinson. I find Dennis a very nice boy, but such an opportunity I can’t let you walk away’, I had shaken the hand and said: ‘of Course, I understand.’ Things just need to be clear.”

Dennis Weening revealed earlier this week that he will not voluntarily stop with the presentation of the program. RTL showed it rather look like Dennis the was busy with the setting up of a private company and that he would have no more time would have. Dennis has always denied.

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