Also in the previous flight, wild Lion Air-pilot rechtsomkeer make

The plane of the Indonesian airline Lion Air that Monday is crashed, it showed also the day before a technical fault after takeoff. The pilot even asked to rechtsomkeer.

It is increasingly clear that the Indonesian low-cost airline, Lion Air was aware of a defect in the Boeing 737 Max 8, the unit that Monday shortly after takeoff at the airport of Jakarta in the sea collapsed. None of the 189 passengers survived the accident.

The penultimate flight of the aircraft from Denpasar in Bali to Jakarta, it was far from smooth, and so it proved from testimonies of passengers. Also the ceo of Lion Air gave Tuesday that the device with a ‘technical problem’ faced. Among others there were unusual variations in altitude and airspeed noted.

Now it turns out that the pilot Sunday night shortly after takeoff at the airport of Denpasar problems experienced so he asked for a possibility to return. Shortly thereafter, he left the control tower, however, know that the problem was solved. ‘The pilot was confident that he without problems could voortvliegen to Jakarta’, according to the airport authority.


The emergency call from the pilot was also heard by the pilot of a plane that the airport of Denpasar approached, and was ordered to remain circling above the airport. It was a so-called pan-pancall, an emergency call to a level below mayday, that is an absolute emergency.

The Boeing 737 Max 8 landed in Jakarta at 23: 55 hours local time, and left again at 6.20 pm with a destination in Pangkal Pinang, on the island of Bangka. Thirteen minutes after take-off crashed the plane down in the sea. Also Monday, the pilot (not the same person as the flight on Sunday) shortly after takeoff, the airline asked to rechtsomkeer.

Engine and landing gear found

Divers have Thursday, one of the engines and the landing gear of the crashed plane have been found. The Indonesian navy found the parts last Thursday, using divers and remote-controlled submarines. She gave the Friday video of the debris free.

Earlier, divers found the black box of the plane. With the discovery of the device that the flight data records, it may be the cause of the crash is easier to be determined.

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