Again attack on christians in the monastery, Egypt

CAIRO – for Sure seven people in Egypt to the life by an attack on coptic christians. The attackers took the buses under fire in the vicinity of the St. Samuelklooster in the desert. Terrorist group has claimed responsibility.

In 2017 (photo) was also an attack on a bus, which was on the way to the coptic monastery in Minya, committed.

The victims were in the monastery a child baptized and were on the way back when the attack occurred. A spokesman for the church says that offenders two buses were shot in the remote area. The extremists reason, according to a witness in all-terrain vehicles.

Six of the seven dead were according to the church of the same family. There would be a further eighteen other passengers were injured, among them children. Terrorist organisation Islamic State, said via spokeswoman Amaq to be responsible for the attack, but did not come with evidence.

The Egyptian president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said, to mourn the victims, and promised the battle against extremists to continue. Also from abroad, shocked responded. Several countries in the region have violence be condemned and also the European Union says empathize with the victims and their relatives.

More than a year ago in the same area as a similar attack on the coptic christians, at the time, with dozens of deaths. Also when were members of the christian minority is the target. They were at that moment on the way to the monastery. That attack was also claimed by IS.

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