’Actor had head in oven stitches that are not wanted’

Director Jos Thie had parole to the dangerous kitchen

“It is an intense process’, says director Jos Thie. In the performance is a part of the audience literally in the kitchen of Soof, played by Maike Boerdam. They sit on stage and eat during the show, also some snacks along with what there are during the show is cooked.

The kitchen turned out to be a recurring problem. “It is quite a hassle has been,” says Thie. “The kitchen is on a wheel, but if there are more than eight actors on the dancing stopped the engine with it. Further, the rings burn, and went to the oven not good”, says the director. “That was dangerous because there also in the kitchen is dancing and there is a actor his head in the oven puts out.”

As icing on the cake turned out to be the kitchen, ultimately, to high, which makes the show a part of the audience as well. “The saw had in it, also a complicated operation.” All the problems could in time be resolved. “The general was Thursday well. We are ready for the first try-out tonight in Almere,” said a opgeluchte Thie.

The premiere of Soof the musical is on 18 november in Breda.

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