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A third of moviegoers chose past few weeks for Flemish film

More than 325.000 moviegoers the past few weeks for a Flemish film, go watch it. The first results for the autumn show that one in three moviegoers in Flanders for a Flemish film to choose.

The Gang of Nijvel-print, Not shoot , and Sinterklaas and the wakeful nights, both directed by Stijn Coninx, and Luke Dhonts feature debut Girl convert each individually strong scores. During the past week, philippines the three titles even in the top five of the most visited movies. It reports the Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF).

“A lot has to do with the varied offer, so the competition here is as good as non-existent’, says director-intendant of the flemish audiovisual fund, Erwin Provoost. ‘Santa claus and the wakeful nights focuses on families with children, don’t shoot attracts a very wide publieksgroep, from the young to the old, while Girl has turned out to be a doorgroeititel that is both an arthouse and the mainstream bioscooppubliek knows how to seduce.’

The success of this najaarsreleases follows the bezoekresultaten that Flemish films such as Patser and FC The Champions 3: forever earlier this year at all. For the end of this year there will also, among other colleagues 2.0 by Jan Verheyen. That movie is on 12 december in première.

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