YouTubekanaal StukTV in the hands of The Mol

378829f1fa3af964e36d208342ed4ce8 - YouTubekanaal StukTV in the hands of The Mol

Thomas van der Vlugt, Giel de Winter and Stefan Jurriens of StukTV.

StukTV, that six years ago was founded by Giel de Winter, Stefan Jurriens and Thomas van der Vlugt, has more than 1.9 million subscribers and over 700 million views. It is added to the part Social of Talpa, with StukTV especially young people want to achieve. The Winter acts as a Creative Director to join the management team of Social.

“They speak to a target audience through traditional media is very difficult to achieve, and what they make is great. I’m a fan,” says The Mole about the three founders. “With the acquisition of StukTV we make a statement: we also want to be in the online social domain, the Dutch media company.”

“In the past few years, we have a team of STUKTV worked very hard to always be the most coolest series to be able to make,” says Giel de Winter, who is Creative Director within the department of Social. “That we are now at Talpa Network have the possibility to get us even more to focus on quality, is for us to go crazy. We have so many plans and ambitions and with Talpa Network on our side, we can all go run.”

RTL was also in conversation with StukTV, but found the price too high. RTL want StukTV the best in the Talpa, and put the cards on the own brands “the world’s largest online entertainment network in the Netherlands”.

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