‘Weinstein forced a minor into sex’

The alleged victim filed on Wednesday a criminal complaint in New York, reports New York Post. Would they describe that she was invited to a business lunch with the film producer. Instead, it took Weinstein her to his house. He would have her told that he star has been made of Gwyneth Paltrow and Penelope Cruz, and that he, for her, the same thing could mean. Then he insisted on sex.

According to the indictment forced the producer of the girl him to satisfy. When she indicated that she did not wanted to go would Weinstein furious, but her finally let go. Yet, the two contact, and got the actress two small rolls in films from Weinstein. In 2008, he tried her to a sex to force. When she again refused, he would have said that he would ensure that they never get to the bucket would come in Hollywood.

The woman, who anonymously has remained in the rechtbankpapieren, has joined a group of ten other alleged victims of the film producer is attached, to a joint lawsuit.

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