VVCS should arbitration against FC Twente

To which of the players of FC Twente, has the VVCS is not communicated.

Reports that the interest group for players that are active in the field of professional football, Thursday afternoon on its website. “Without this advance with the players to have agreed, decided to FC Twente on their salary in the payroll tax, which was owed by the club fees paid to their intermediaries”, as there is to read.

“This has everything to do with the deal the club made with the tax authorities, the so-called settlement agreement. This agreement with the tax authorities, however, allows explicitly the space to make this payment for the player is fiscally neutral to solve. Now, the players will be faced with a spontaneous deduction on their salary”, says the organisation.

“Because FC Twente refuses to make the deductions correct, remaining nothing else than the passage to the arbitration Committee of the KNVB.” The VVCS has not communicated to the players of the club.

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