Viewers get annoyed at the sick Martine Tanghe

The viewers of One are worried to Martine Tanghe. Wednesday presented the nieuwsanker The Journal for 19 hours and started immediately with a voice nieuwsanker not worthy. During the evening news bulletin at 19h00 succumbed to the voice of Martine Tanghe several times. Martine Tanghe troubles all week with her voice. “Just a cold”, they responded last week at the public broadcaster but after a week it is Martine still not restored, and let the voice of a nieuwsanker now at least as important than the news itself.
The common cold, and the voice of Martine Tanghe were Wednesday night the topic of discussion on Twitter.
“I am a lover of the 19h news on @a . But what is it with Martine Tanghe? So a cold to her voice, some statements of her if you’re barely! Can vrtnws there, please do something about it? That is in stark contrast with the fresh clear news on VTMNIEUWS”, wrote Martin Flore on Twitter. And there are more people who are aloud to ask questions about the condition of the nieuwsanker. “Should Martine Tanghe now really continue to they from each other?”, we read. A painful thing, that also know Loan Honings. “We can Martine Tanghe please what sick leave to give her voice a rest? It does even hurt to hear her speak.”

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