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Venezuela: government’s (failed) launch of Petro

The Deputy economy President of the Venezuelan government on Twitter for the official launch of the Petro. According to their web site and can be purchased in the state of crypto-currency to Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, an experiment shows: With the technology, it still works as planned.

To be controlled just at the beginning of the year, the topic of the news, the first government – issued crypto currency columns around Bitcoin, Blockchain & co. First of all, the President of Venezuela announced the Petro -. At the same time, the System should be the first state-ICO – with Pre-Sale and all that goes with it.

Then messages came up that the Petro-merely a clever manoeuvre by President Maduro to bypass the American punitive tariffs. Conjecture went even to the extent that the Russian government was involved in the action brisk, to help the ailing state, to act against the United States.

Petro for all of them?

The country is in a deep economic crisis, wanted (and want) so the state Token from the misery. On Twitter, the Vice President for economic Affairs announced that the Coin can now be officially purchased:

“You can petro the Petro as a legal and natural Person on the purchase.“

However, the Token, the covered allegedly by the oil reserves of the country and thus – in theory – a Stable Coin, you can’t purchase on the Website of the government. You want to register, you get the message that the page was currently in maintenance. The same is true for the Petro-App / Wallet also, this is currently still in maintenance.

Supposedly you should be able to the state of crypto currency – presumably soon – to-be against Bitcoin and Ethereum to buy. The inflation-ridden country wants to improve the state coffers, are likely to doubt. If the people benefits later, it is true and whether the technical infrastructure, may for the moment be doubted.

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