Turkish: Khashoggi is strangled, corpse destroyed

35c7e9053c7a2d37e41fb58a1a3d97a4 - Turkish: Khashoggi is strangled, corpse destroyed

ISTANBUL – The critical journalist Jamal Khashoggi is, according to the Turkish Public Prosecutor strangled in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul as soon as he got there on the 2nd of October came in. His corpse is cut into pieces and destroyed.

The Turk, a forensic team collects evidence at the Saudi consulate.

That has the state news agency Anadolu on Wednesday announced. The murder was according TO a preconceived plan.

Riyadh gave the death of Khashoggi, only after a long struggle, especially of the Turks who schermden with a series of proofs. In Saudi Arabia, eighteen suspects were arrested, including members of a doodseskader to Istanbul was sent to Khashoggi in the room. Extradition can Turkey forget.

Anadolu reported that the arrival of the Saudi public prosecutor in Istanbul in connection with the investigation into the notorious murder case, nothing concrete has brought about the circumstances of the incident or where the cadaver was preserved. The representative Saud al-Mujeb kept the boat constantly. That told Turkish government officials even before al-Mujeb home was teruggevlogen.

Team leader Irfan Fidan wanted the identity to know the “local employee” who hand and money would have been granted, but it was during the two meetings with his counterpart from Saudi Arabia to zero in on the petition. However, he received an invitation for a return visit to Riyadh.

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