Trump willing ‘to 15,000 soldiers ” at border with Mexico

6cb00a4c11ef1c4849b39f2185bf7bac - Trump willing ‘to 15,000 soldiers " at border with Mexico

The American president Donald Trump on Wednesday assured that he is prepared to up to 15,000 soldiers to the border with Mexico. So he wants to prevent the group of migrants from Central America on its way to the U.S. the border crossing.

For what concerns the migrantenkaravaan, is our army ready. We already have approximately 5,000 soldiers and can have up to 10,000 or 15,000, according to the American president. With the mid-term elections next week in the pipeline, drives Trump the significant statements.

For comparison: the U.S. currently have about 15,000 soldiers in Afghanistan.

From Central America are estimated to have about 6,000 people on the way to the US. Most of them are now in Mexico and it would take weeks for them to the American border ranges. They move on foot. The migrants, mostly fleeing poverty and gang violence in Honduras, are planning to apply for asylum.

‘Immigration is a very important and dangerous subject’, declared Trump, and just before his departure for Florida, where he campaign is run.

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