Trump tries chunks of glue with a Chinese colleague Xi

Despite the economic collision course that the United States and China boating, the presidents of both countries to say a hopeful phone call.

The American president Donald Trump has to say a good conversation with his Chinese colleague Xi Jinping. Trump said on his twitter account that they have a lot of topics have spoken, but that the emphasis was on the trade. Also have the two about North Korea talking.

According to Trump, get the conversations continued during a meeting at the G20 summit in november in Argentina. Chinese president Xi later said it is prepared to Trump to meet.

Xi said, according to Chinese state media, and further hope that the US and China, the two largest economies in the world, will be a ” stable and healthy relationship to encourage. Also, according to Xi, Trump talked about the expansion of bilateral trade relations.

China and the United States are already on a collision course. The countries beat each other over and over again with import tariffs to the ears. This also makes for tensions on the financial markets.

On the issue of North Korea, said Xi’s hope that the US and North Korea make further steps in the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. Xi would be in that process a constructive role want to continue to play.

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