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Toon Aerts reigns over the Koppenberg, Van der Poel falls completely through the ice and ends up not even in the top twenty

Mathieu van der Poel is a human being. This is perhaps the most important conclusion after a Koppenbergcross won by a superior Toon Aerts for Michael Vanthourenhout and world champion Van Aert. Mathieu van der Poel finished not even in the top ten, genekt by back pain. The Dutchman gave more than four minutes on the winner.

Still no mud on the slopes of the Koppenberg. The wind and the sun of yesterday had again a dry surface is ensured but also without the boggy strips lay there, the riders have a superlastig trail to wait. Every time the Pimple from Sign up through the cobblestones and down through the meadow, it was a job to look forward to but also to fear.

Toon Aerts took almost a tradition, the best start and turned after the first ascent as primus the meadow, followed by teammate Van der haar, world champion Van Aert and Daan Soete. European champion and man-in-form Mathieu van der Poel missed his start and dived until around the tenth position of the meadow. But on a long race like the Koppenberg, this is not a problem.

In the second round, separated itself in a leading group of seven riders off with Van der Poel but that had the role to solve after a steering error. The gap to the six leaders was immediately a hundred metres. It would still? For Aerts advance the signal to the throttle open to run. Only Van Aert and Vanthourenhout were able to follow, Van der Poel closed the second round with a gap of eighteen seconds.

We saw the past matches of a Van der Poel that the matches easily to his hand, then went on the Koppenberg a suit more and more difficult for the Dutchman. The gap grew little by little and that he in the chase guys like Eli Iserbyt and Daan Soete is not immediately obvious from the wheels could drive, it was already a wipe mark on the wall. Even more, when the co-prosecutors have led, had Van der Poel prompt the role resolve and it was clear: this was an offday for the Dutchman. Not for the first time on the Koppenberg. Van der Poel appeared during the match to suffer from a painful back.

At the front were world champion Van Aert and Toon Aerts, the man who took initiative, but the Kempenaren had the company of a tough Michael Vanthourenhout did. Another acceleration of Aerts in the climb to the finish seemed the West-Flemish are fatal but the Marlux rider is of the toughest sort, and closed at the bottom of the meadow back at the two leaders. Van der Poel was already no more.

Van Aert tried in the penultimate round, a first time, the bridge could be two medeleiders is not immediately obvious from the wheels. That was Toon Aerts, the penultimate climb of the Koppenberg. Not the Wout van Aert, but the surprising Michael Vanthourenhout managed to return, world champion Van Aert initially remained stuck in a handful of seconds of the surprising duo. Vanthourenhout smoke the sensation and tried Aerts from the wheel to drive, knowing that he was in the final climb to the finish in the thumbs should lay for the rider of Telenet-Fidea.

But what Vanthourenhout tried, Aerts was not and took in the race to raft the size of Vanthourenhout who have not yet Wout van Aert was able to hold off. Mathieu van der Poel finished 21st at 4’12” is the winner. “A day to forget quickly”, responded the Dutchman.

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