Tim Hofman start initiative for children of asylum seekers

Tim Hofman

The documentary follows Tim five of the approximately 400 children who, according to him, in contact, would be for a kinderpardon. The children are born here or live longer than five years in the Netherlands.

Tim says already months ago to have begun with the making of the documentary, yet for Lili and Howick in the publicity came. “What we found then, is that there is a weavingfault is in the policy of migration in the Netherlands, namely that the kinderpardon does not work. The european citizens ‘ initiative, we take the meewerkcriterium under fire, which you say to the Immigration and Naturalisation service (IND) ’I work to my expulsion’. We note that that the children in the way.”


Tim wants to use the citizens ‘ initiative to 40,000 signatures collection and the topic on the agenda of the Second Chamber. So he tries to prevent 400 children for longer than five years in the country to be expelled. In addition, expect the creator of the political is a structural solution.

That, the file is very difficult, and very painful, acknowledges Tim. “You have, of course, children who already are disabled because their parents, the rules have held, or by what circumstances. Is it unfair? Of course, the dar can be hard to make. Does this mean that this is the coming years are to continue? I don’t think so.”

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“That is also proved by research,” continues Tim. “The long-term pressure that you will soon be out of a land is put is detrimental to kinderhoofden. So what you do is kinderhoofden broken and that can never be the intention. Not the parents, not of politics, not of the society. That is not humane.”

The documentary can be seen on the YouTube channel of #ANGRY. On november 8, is Back to your own country, broadcast on NPO 3.

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