The world of dating and the search for passion in the new season, See Me Like

This Thursday starts the second season of the feelgoodreeks See Me Love, starring Alejandra Theus, Stan Van Samang, Tine embrechts has been, Ini Massez and Wouter Bruneel. The group of friends around Anna and Ben also tries this season, is the head above water to keep in the everyday (love)life.

Last year won the series with an award for ‘Best Mini Series’ at the Seoul International Drama Awards. In the second season, the Dutch actress Sanne Samina Hanssen her entry. The new title song ‘Perfect imperfection’ of Cappaert makes the picture completely.

Finally put Anna (Alejandra Theus) is a point behind the chapter with her ex Ben (Stan Van Samang) and she throws herself full in the datingscene, determined to not only to be old. Ben wants her, however, absolute return, but are veroveringsoffensief captures bone. His lament does not take long, because he falls in love with a newcomer in the series – Sien (Sanne Samina Hanssen). That’s when Anna, who realizes that She is not just another in the row is, however, harder than expected…

Sas (Inni Massez) would again urgently again pit in her relationship with Gunther (Wouter Bruneel), after they for the umpteenth time in sleep have fallen for their tv. Confident, they try the passion in their relationship to boost. Nicole (Tine Levels) begins an affair with a married man, according to her ideal: only the lust, without the expense. Until he plots with his bags to her door.

The Dutch actress Sanne Samina Hanssen joins the cast for this second season. Sanne was especially known thanks to her starring role in the second series of House of Anubis with Studio 100. She studied at the theatre academy of Maastricht and is a regular on the theaterplanken in Flanders. She is now busy with the recordings of the Dutch film Shit happens, with, among others, Jeroen Krabbé and Theo Maassen.

The makers are also introducing a new begingeneriek, ‘Perfect Imperfecton’ of Cappaert. The group consists of the two sisters, Annelies and Sarah Cappaert. They pulled ever as the finale of Idol and in the subsequent years of X-Factor. Perfect Imperfection is a song from their new album, Warrior of the Good, that in may 2018 appeared.

View See Me Like every Thursday to 20u40 on One, or wherever you are via Click here to download the program. On the TV Replay you watch the program for up to 36 hours later, when you want!

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