The mayor wanted sex in exchange for thresholds

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LANTANA – The mayor of the American town of Lantana is discredited hit because he has a female resident to have sex would have demanded in return for the construction of speed humps in her neighborhood. The woman filed a complaint with the ethics commission of the state of Florida, in which the case is taken seriously and an investigation is started.

The female resident was not in the desire of the mayor and filed a complaint to the disciplinary committee.

According to American media knew Catherine Padilla mayor David Stewart through a social club and she had already an invitation to bed with him to share rejected. When the mayor shortly afterwards heard of the action they carried out to speed bumps in her neighborhood, he made a new attempt.

He made it clear that it ’not too late’ and that she still has sex with him in exchange for the guarantee that the speed would get there. She refused again. The case played in 2015, but Padilla was able to say that recently the strength to file a complaint. Stewart now runs the chance that he will lose his job and a fine of $ 10,000. He, a case may occur with a settlement.

The speed bumps were also without the sex.

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