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Sven Mary gets to ‘Operation Clean Hands’: ‘It is an abuse of remand in custody’

Sven Mary, the lawyer of real estate agent Karim Meijati, serious questions about the way in which the pre-trial detention is used in ‘Operation Clean Hands’. ‘Those people remain in prison because this is such a mediated after all file is. Another reason I could really not come up with.’

“My client Karim Meijati has a clean criminal record. He is prosecuted for the role he would have played in one transfer, that of Sofiane Hanni of RSC Anderlecht to Spartak Moscow. According to me it is a pure tax debate. But meanwhile, my client has already more than two weeks in pretrial.’

Mary denounces the ‘taken for granted’ that people who are not criminals are, according to him, in the prison are held. “I am convinced that this would have never happened if this is not about football went, and if not a mediated after all file was. With all due respect to the court of appeal of Antwerp, but I’m wondering if this is normal. People are no danger to the public safety. There are plenty of alternatives for the cell? Why they are not home, staring with an ankle bracelet, as apparently it can for the girlfriend of mr. Veljkovic. If this is the norm, they go in the following years, many prisons should be the construction ’

Seven suspects still in the cell

The Antwerp Chamber of Incrimination (KI) extended on Tuesday the arrest of five suspects in the investigation of fraud and matchfixing in the Belgian football. The real estate agents Mogi Bayat, Dragan Siljanovski and Karim Meijati, KV Mechelen director Thierry Steemans and ex-lawyer Laurent Denis to remain in the cell. Only KV Mechelen is the main shareholder Olivier Somers was allowed to go home under certain conditions. Marija Bogojevska, the girlfriend of estate agent Dejan Veljkovic was released from prison with an ankle bracelet.

Referee Bart Vertenten and agent Dejan Veljkovic continue anyway, still in the cell. Their case is discussed later.

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