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Standard looking cup at the bottom of the Gaverbeek, Zulte Waregem repacked themselves

Standard is on the field of red lantern Zulte Waregem earned the boat entered after a very moderate performance (3-1). The Luikenaren deserved no better against an eager home side who had no degradatievoetbal played. Hamdi Harbaoui crowned with two goals to matchwinnaar.

Franky Dury had his team after the draw against Mouscron in four places amended: Bedia, Marcq, Faik and Buffalo disappeared into the bank, their replacements listened to the names Sylla, Tardieu, Walsh and Demir. Hamdi Harbaoui was lonely in the striker, Bongonda, and Sylla had support.

The home team took immediately the advantage, but much danger could they also not create. Standard opened to faint, and the statement of coach Michel Preud’homme that his team always has difficulties against lesser opponents, was on the field, painfully true. And yet climbed the Rouches on their first successful attack on the lead: Fai made the first move, Lestienne nodded to the second pole of the leather against the nets.

Those who thought that the red lantern together would be collapsing, was cheated out of. Bongonda cracked on the half hour at the hands of Ochoa, the subsequent corner kick was by Harbaoui of close, against the ropes popped. Zulte Waregem took more the upper hand, The Peacock saw its deviation about the purpose of Ochoa disappear.

Liberating second half

Also after the break went to the home team just on her elan by. Bongonda to bounce back quickly on the legs of Ochoa after his only purpose was published, Bossut handle fitted in on a blast of Bastien. The better chances continued for the home side with a shot of Tardieu at the hands of Ochoa. A header from Baudry sailed on.

Michel Preud’homme wanted to absolutely change for the better see, and brought the bank launched Carcela in the field. But the Moroccan Belgians had to sit by and watch how Hamdi Harbaoui from close a cross from Sylla against the ropes was. Not even two minutes later Sylla himself the crown on the work by a fading ball inside to the stairs. Standard continued to fumble and was fortunate that goalkeeper Ochoa yet at the level it was in attempts of Bongonda and The Peacock.

Zulte Waregem and claimed the victory without too much trouble, safe, even after the red card of goalscorer Sylla, that the field was sent after a dangerous charge on Fai. It could be fun to the Gaverbeek hardly pressing. There Zulte Waregem is still a long road, but this victory is for Dury and co. a genuine compliment.

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